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Arrows American Dream Arrows American Dream
24 November 19:00 Secret location

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Arrows American Dream


24 November

"Arrows Street Fight Championships" by Thrones MMA started in 2011.

As a revolutionary concept in MMA where virtually any amateur fighter could participate in.

Each participant is checked in advance to be fit and in good condition by medical panel, and a matchmaking panel selects compatible opponents. Amateur fighters of all ages and social groups show off their skills which turnes to be incredibly entertaining to watch. Each fighter comes with a real life story. A local dentist faces off with an accountant.

A bum beats up an ex-cop! Incredible action! Another unique aspect of Arrows Street Fight is a sand box instead of a ring or an octagon.

This is the real deal! There are no rounds, you fight to the end! Each bout is managed by a professional referee and a panel of judges. You have never seen MMA like this!

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