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Vyacheslav Kashuba

Vyacheslav Kashuba



One of the best fights in the history of tournaments STREET MMA STREKA Watch video

Total fights: 1
Wins/looses/draws: 1-0-0
Titles Champion of Saint-Petersburg on the street MMA "STRELKA"


Nickname: SAILOR
Origin: Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Age: 25
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 182 lbs
Style: MMA, Street fighing



About childhood

I was born in 1986, in the small military town on the outskirts of the Leningrad city. My Father is military pilot, he has moved from republic Belarus in this place, and he was moved with his wife (my mother). In 1994, the year i began attending a local school. In fact. With primary school I was spending racket and revelry way of life,And to the exact sciences I was not attracted. However, in 15 years, something changed in my mind, I quit smoking, took up boxing.

About real friends

After graduating from 9th grade, I went to the Marine Technical College. During the voyages I saw many beautiful and picturesque places. This all attract me in my occupation, for this reason, some later, I got the nickname “morjachok” From same friends of mine. After college, I entered to the University, and became a different person. Thanks to my new company, my new friends! Thanks to them. I realized that the move towards self-development is much more interesting. I threw the alcohol, and other rubbish, which gave me the illusion of happiness. Now I began to enjoy life as it is, without doping and drugs. And, of course, it became clear to me, who am a true friend of mine, and with who just tied together drink.

About sport

 Once my close friend has described his training in Combat Sambo.I became interested and wanted to find the section for workout. But close to my location, i did not find anything. Nearby was a section on mixed martial arts. Friends advised me to her and told that this is the same craft as combat sambo, but without sambovok or kimono. Initially i feared to go there, as rumors of MMA have been daunting. Of course, all the rumors turned out to be a sick imagination of visionaries who have never engaged in MMA. Mixed martial arts were very exciting and dynamic sport. Classes are held great coach Viktor Korneev, who gave me a good base. Now MMA - it is a drive in my life!

About life

"If you win at oneself, you will win at the rest" - says the proverb. That's right! Only in this case, if you will defeat this enemy, by the name of   laziness, carelessness, self-pity and ignorance of the purpose in life, you can win the remaining enemies .Because life is an eternal battle, and then only the strongest can survive in this battle.


Hi! Here is my story about the Strelka tournament. It stirred so many emotions that I wasn’t able to put it in a couple of sentences and had to write several pages. This story can be called I Do Not Give a Damn. I read about the first round of street fight championship Strelka

The Sailor. This is my story...





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