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Patsukevich Anton

Patsukevich Anton



The first self-taught fighter won two victories in a row.

Total fights: 0
Wins/looses/draws: 0-0-0


Nickname: Toha
Origin: Gorelovo
Age: 27
Height: 182 ft
Weight: 85 lbs
Style: Boxing and Combat Sambo



Born St. Petersburg. When I was four years old, our family (we lived in a communal apartment in Vasilievsky Island) moved to the village Gorelovo, where we were given a separate apartment. It finished the local school and enrolled in a vocational school. Now I am a student at the Mining University.

About work

After one year fitter glass, decided to open their own business with a friend in the field. Windows do to this day. Simultaneously working on official work to service refrigerated containers. Of shifts in a heartbeat, but there is nothing.

About childhood dreams and Fedor Emelianenko

All of his childhood spent in the courts of our Gorelova, playing football and walking with friends. In adolescence led racket - not once got into street fights, defending himself and his friends, but it was quite modest, sociable and sympathetic man, and, probably, so I have many friends and useful acquaintances. Over time, he grew up, started going to the gym (rocker), and even then, b and c pear thought about fighting. My idol has been and is - Fedor Emelianenko - his victory in one hit is very inspiring. Also support his views on religion, because he believe in God. In 2010, he became closer to box, a year and combat sambo club "Sparta". After the first fight on the "arrow" realized that it was dreaming about it all my life and finally found himself. I am glad that inspired his friends and do sports and have a purpose in life. I plan to continue to serve in various tournaments and win!.

About the "Arrow" and their performances

I learned about the "arrows" from the internet, very much, want to participate by filling out and now ... participate. The first fight hardly remember moments - adrenaline I ate :). The second fight I remember well: the opponent was healthier, so that did not climb on the rampage, more thought, well, won) emotions overflow, as in battle there is nothing better than winning. When it is not involved thought over all on street. And when he found himself on the "arrow", the view has changed. Excellent organization - stands fans, cameras, nerves course played, in general, everything is serious!

Sports motto more complex training, the easier the battle!

Favorite music: Music, different in mood, but preference - Russian rap.

Favorite Books: Time to be honest, is not enough to read, but like "The Master and Margarita" by Bulgakov.

Favorite Quotes: Do not be sorry about your mistakes, do not make them, you will never know how to do it right.

If you find it difficult, then you are going in the right direction.

Sports Club: Sparta

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