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Myradov Syhrop

Myradov Syhrop



Bollywood's first party "Arrows" which was released with the spectator stands and took the fight, winning Suhrop opened a new era of spectator fights on the spit. Now the audience can take part in the fighting if no opponent in the battle tournament destination grid.

Total fights: 0
Wins/looses/draws: 0-0-0
Titles Crazy fighter


Origin: Mr. Kattakurgan
Age: 22
Height: 185 ft
Weight: 95 lbs
Style: Combat Sambo, MMA


I was born in Kattakurgan in the Samarkand region of Uzbekistan. In the 13 years began to study karate. Prozanimalsya 3 years and got a blue belt! Then I had to leave class because of moving to Russia in St. Petersburg with his family. In 20 years, became interested in combat sambo, started training with Oleg Poliakov! He came to the section on training the ad, and I really liked it. Oleg - the best coach in St. Petersburg! This is my personal opinion! Already prozanimalsya currently 2 years and twice in his weight class is one of three winners of the North-West sambo! I tried to speak on grepplingu, and quite successfully - getting several times winner of the competition.

About the "arrow", "happy" shorts and a nickname

One view videos on the Internet and came across a video fighting tournament "Arrow." I loved the format battle, and I decided to speak, but did not know how! May 19, 2012 a tournament "Arrow", and I decided to go there. But unfortunately, I did not let the entrance guard, had to jump over the fence))) Later during fights one of the men did not have a rival, and tournament organizers have announced that there are no willing to step in the ring, and I decided to try their luck. Perhaps it was my day. Perhaps it is "happy" shorts fighter Ali Baba, which had been "charged" victory as gloves, which he won before my exit, and he gave them to me to speak. The result - a win! Since then, I started performing in tournaments "Arrow" and his victories won seats in the GOLDEN LEAGUE tournament! As for the nickname of "Bollywood", it gave me the tournament organizers during my first speech at the "arrow", so it left!

Coach: Oleg Poliakov

Sports Club: Ahimas




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