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Mihail Rydnianiy

Mihail Rydnianiy



Is in the top 10 of the most spectacular fighters championship ARROWS.

Total fights: 0
Wins/looses/draws: 0-0-0
Titles Championship finalist Arrows first season 2012


Nickname: Kronshtadt
Origin: Kronstadt
Age: 30
Height: 180 ft
Weight: 97 lbs
Style: Karate, Thai boxing, MMA



Born in Kiev, but lived all his life in Kronstadt. Sports started with 5 years. 2 years of gymnastics, and in 7 years, has outgrown all his companions with training (for growth), and that was my gymnastics career ended. Then active in basketball, it's already in school. But when the plant went bankrupt Sea, as much in the 90's, the sports school closed down, and do become nowhere. But actively participated in sports school: played for the school in volleyball, basketball, running 100m. Even third place to save on water (artificial respiration, easy))). In the martial arts came by accident. To be honest, never wanted to do martial arts, though friends who engaged in boxing who Sambo. And I was only interested in team games, but as I said all sports school to shut down, had to go to combat, to after school not paradkam basements and hang out and take their free useful. And I liked it, after six months of training was the second in the Cup of St. Petersburg on contact karate. Then coach Anatoly V. Ivanyuk began bringing us to the competition in sport and combat sambo, Thai boxing, rukopashku, boxing. It became even more interesting training and self-development. In the 99 - m graduated from high school, he entered the Medical and Technical College and the training had to tie for long 10 years. By education I - Optician optomitrist now working installer of HVAC systems. I like work: and it's not the money but the possibilities. Not on every job you obedesh almost all of Russia. And although the work is related to the risk, and the taiga not very impressed with its comfort - to throw it I'm not. Therefore, the "Arrow" was like a breath of fresh air. Again I felt the competition nervous trembling, and develop a desire to beat!

About the "arrow"

I learned from the Internet, has long sought, which would act as an amateur. Found and immediately sent a questionnaire. As they say, if there is power, then it asks the exit! The qualifying was terrible. The first fight in 13 years (fight in the street does not count included). After the victory of the "adrenaline had full pants." Euphoria, fatigue (very tired!). When invited to the main event, even the breath away. Well, and more ... and experience the joy of victory))). Impressions of the tournament very positive, especially after making the video and photo shoot. All participants fellows, I never thought that so many speakers will be. With some talk outside the tournament. With their past rival Koystrikom Dima decided to try to make a pair. The organizers are great, they have a lot of ideas of where and how to hold a tournament, not only to the audience, but also by the participants were interested, I'm not talking about partying, photography, photo shoot (though tee shirt, or even three, well, no it does not grab :))))

About nickname

The nickname was given the organizers, not before it. Pleased to represent the whole city, but ssykatno - suddenly disgraced. And in the city learn laughed))). But few people know, so it's easier.

About cultivation

Self-improvement is one of the main principles of my life. A person can achieve anything if he wants. That's why I do not impose my views, for example, I do not drink and do not smoke, but I would discourage someone did not. Everyone is master of his own destiny. "

Hobbies: football, basketball, bicycle.

Favorite music: Music prefer dynamic, sometimes even aggressive.

Favorite game: love peynbol, very! Hate all my friends - Army helps :))).

Favorite Quotes: Tanks are not afraid of dirt!

Coach: Anatoly V. Ivanyuk

Sports Club: Kobe-kai (Kronstadt)

My favorite stroke / technique: low kick in the leg, hammer, hit the top knuckles.




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