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Michael Turkanov

Michael Turkanov



Got choked by Python in the finals of STRELKA tournament

Total fights: 1
Wins/looses/draws: 1-0-0
Titles Meanest fighter of STRELKA season one Championship

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Nickname: PITBULL
Origin: Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Age: 23
Height: 185 ft
Weight: 71 lbs
Style: Street fighter, ММА


About myself

Name's Mikhail Turkanov, born 1988. After 9 classes at school went to Technical Academy to study as a confectioner. Later worked as a cook, then electrician. I changed lots of jobs, i even was a climber and a roofer. In school i wasn't much of a person, smoked and drinked. Then i pushed myself out of it and started to workout - pull-ups and gym. After i went to train with Roman Zentsov and started to take part in mma tournaments. This all changed me a lot, i pushed myself even further, told people to do the same - quit smoking, drinking and drugs.

About life

I understood that life is a great pain and you always have to go to the very end, it is like a trial. Pitbull is my nature, my pedegree. But it's not just like that, Pitbull is my style of living and doing right things now. Things that made me even stronger would definetley kill others. And things that harm ordinary people can't harm The Pitbull. I feel myself like an old sword that has seen many battles but i get sharper after each battle that i walk through, no matter if i win or lose.



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