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Marat Zakirov

Marat Zakirov



Marat is from Kolpino district and carries a nickname of "scratch-cat".

He showed unwavering will, in a battle with his enemy.

Total fights: 0
Wins/looses/draws: 0-0-0
Titles The most persistent fighter of the Second Season Championship "STRELKA"


Origin: Russia,Kolpino
Age: 29
Height: 172 ft
Weight: 69 lbs
Style: Boxing


Some facts about myself and my first fight on the "STRELKA" championship.

 I was born in the Leningrad. Since my childhood I remember:

 The Turbo gum, PEPSI and boombox ELECTRONIKA...

All that kids of our time used to like.

Kindergarten, school, cuts and torn jackets ... – a normal schoolboy.

After school, I went to College, got into a boxing section there...

Everything started for me right there.

But unfortunately.

I didn't hold out long enough :)

I spent too much time partying, drinking beer and watching football ... and I stopped my workouts, well that was my mistake.

I’m do regret the chosen way of mine: broke (repeatedly) my nose, got beat up in street clashes...

Then I made a decision to come back to my workouts...

Year later, on some website i have read about STRELKA,

I reflected about this....and after some time filled the application to fight.

Before the fight ( the first official in my life). I couldn't find my place, vanity, nervous trembling, and so on. I went with my wife (thanks to her and for the support.) I was driving. I didn't know what will be after that...

The competitor was a worthy opponent! I want to thank him for the battle.... I dedicate my victory to my wife Olesya.

About  nickname

(Scratch-cat) nicknamed for my own kindness, because, in a scuffle, usually, i didn't hit first, but acted hard in response))

About hobbies

At this moment, all my passion - is my lovely wife and daughter Sophia - she is only three and a half now.

On the second plan now are

My friends, football and workouts.

I don't smoke

Sometimes, I do drink a little - only for the mood.

Favorite music: Kino, Nautilus Pompilius.
Favorite games: Bomberman, Counter-Strike 1.6, Super Mario
Favorite Quotes: Don't tell me what to do and I won't tell you where to go!

Athletic Club: "Motherland" (Kolpino)

The coach of Marat Zakirov "Rumyantsev, Gregory S."





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