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Artem Tarasov

Artem Tarasov



Two wins in a row in battle 2 for 2 in the second season in 2012 to watch the championship Arrows look

Total fights: 0
Wins/looses/draws: 0-0-0
Titles St. Petersburg champion in combat sambo (2010), champion of the All-Russian tournament fighting (2011), the champion of Season 1 tournament "Arrow" 2012


Nickname: Lionheart
Origin: Saint-Petersburg
Age: 22
Height: 178 ft
Weight: 72 lbs
Style: Combat sambo, judo



Born in Leningrad in a military family. As a child engaged in a club sport sambo "RWS", to which I gave my mother, whose boyfriend was a world champion in sambo. Prozanimalsya there 4 years and dropped, as later regretted. After all, I went to the sport because of his father (who died in the line of duty). Then at age 8 became interested in acting - a 3-year Youth Art Theater, and at age 10 starred in the movie "Game online" - played the role of assistant thief. But, despite the success of the movie-theater business, decided he did not want to devote all my life and went away. At 14, he returned to combat, and started a melee combat, and the University entered into a section of sports sambo.

The fate of the complexities and

I probably - minion of fortune. Everything that I was engaged, I was easy, and always has been the best this, or one of luchshh. The only tricky part, oddly enough, for me, was and is still competitive fights. I feel a strong psychological stress, I do not like to fight, but you have.

About sports career soldier

Despite numerous victories in various tournaments and competitions, I see your career in the martial arts as a coach, not a fighter. Now in addition to studying SPbSMTU and NSU named PF Lesgafta train in 2 places: in SPbSMTU in North-Western Russia League Combat Sambo. I train for about 3 years. During this time, my students have already received various sports titles: 5 people - KMC, one - MC, and champions of St. Petersburg in combat sambo, fighting and professional mixed martial arts tournament. In my section of the train and 2 MSMK Combat Sambo. Our club became the champion in combat sambo in 2012 in St. Petersburg Championship in Combat Sambo in the individual and team competition and the mixed martial arts champion in the qualifying tournament St. Petersburg against Chechnya.

About nickname

Probably many have seen the movie "Lionheart" with Van Damme, he's engaged in street battles and shows great character, for which he was called "Lion Heart". Coaches and friends think I'm an athlete with the character, so decided that the "Lion Heart" for me.

About the "Arrow"

Learned about the event on the Internet, has applied and forgot about it. Then he called and offered, I immediately agreed :))) prifigel little when I saw the sand, and still ofigevayu :))) In the "arrow" strong information topic and organization level.

Favorite movie: "12" by Nikita Mikhalkov

Favorite music: I like rap songs, the texts of which there is a strong semantic load

Hobbies: Skiing

Favorite Games: The games do not play football ... just not on the computer, of course

Favorite Quote: Love Rules the World

My favorite stroke / technique: armbar, right side

Coach: Igor Mikheyev, Natalia Nikulicheva, Artem Onishchenko - boxing coach




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