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Alexander Reze

Alexander Reze



Better to see once than hear a hundred times. Eleven minutes of an epic battle with the heartbreaking finale. The fight against Pitbull vs Python on third Strelka. watch video

Total fights: 1
Wins/looses/draws: 1-0-0
Titles Former Champion of Saint-Petersburg STRELKA street fight


Nickname: PYTHON
Origin: Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Age: 40
Height: 5 ft
Weight: 160 lbs
Style: Grappling, MMA


I'm, Alexandr Reza
I was born in Leningrad in 1969.
In my childhood and when i grew up a little more I had been practicing in Greco-Roman wrestling.
On the last year of training, in my school, i stopped all my workouts.
Then I went to the University of Shipbuilding and Engineering to the Faculty of Economics, where I studied from 1986 till 1990.
As a student, I resumed my trainings at sambo and judo, but it was very hard to get back to my old results when i was young.
My coach was Mikhail Nikolaevich,
Now he is a head of Combat Sambo Federation in St. Petersburg.
After university I worked as an economist in the Admiralty Shipyard, my next place of work was at the police, after that, first auditor in the financial service, then the investigator.
During all my life, i worked in different structures of an accountant, lawyer, i got second degree at the Graduate School of Economics Faculty of Law at St. Petersburg State University.
However, for 10 years i haven't been practicing wrestling,
But in 2004 i started to wrestle again, and since 2008 I am taking part in all the competitions.



You entered your forties, but something deep inside doesn’t allow you to stop. It’s a lust for fight or a constant wish to prove yourself that you are not growing older and that you are still able to spank the prats of those haughty 20-years old youngsters. The fight is your life. This is the endless fight with yourself

Never give up





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