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About ARROWS Street Fight

Specifics Championship Street Fight - "ARROWS"

The peculiarity of the tournament is such that everyone can take part in it. A fighter only needs to come to the ARROWS tournament on the day of the fight. To take part in the tournament and in the fights a fighter must be above 18 years old, pass examination in health on the day of the fight and get approval of the organizers.

Uniqueness of the project

The main person if the event: The referee of the Street Fighting ARROWS  tournament — he is the master of the show as well — is the main and the most important person of the championship. He introduces the fighters who come out for a fight. During the fight the main person has to stay within the fighting ring and to be near the competitors. He stops the fight at his will and he can make a pause in a fight if he 

Specifics of floor coating, earth and the fighting ring

The fighters fight on sand. Sand is a sedimentary rock or man-made material composed of rock grains. Very often it is composed of almost pure quartz.

Common natural soil

Perimeter of ring where the fighters fight

Four posts rise from the ground or sand in the four corners of square perimeter with four ropes, cables etc. between each ring post. These posts are supports and barrier for the fighters participating in the Arrows tournament during a fight. 

Technical rules of the street fights championship Arrows use page here

Required equipment

Mouth guard, jockstrap, bandage.

Every participant will get the free TITLE jockstrap before the fight.

If both opponents agree they can fight wearing boxing gloves or gloves for mixed martial arts.


The fights are controlled by a referee and a central referee. If the fight doesn’t end with net winning (knock-out or when an opponent gives up after a painful or chocking hold) the winner of the fight is chosen by the referee who is the main arbiter of the competition.

There are no time limits for a fight.

Claims and appeal

All the claims should be raised within 15 minutes after the fight.

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